Articles Referencing the Sandler Foundation. Some work of the Foundation has been referenced in external publications, including the following:

  • An editorial published in Science Translational Medicine in May 2015 details the American Asthma Foundation’s (AAF) creative approach to funding asthma research. The AAF was founded by Sandler Foundation in 2000.
  • A January 2015 article in Inside Philanthropy, entitled “The Sandler Way: Where Big Philanthropy Meets the Art of Common Sense” summarizes the Foundation’s grant-making philosophy.
  • A May 2012 article in The Atlantic, entitled “In Praise of ProPublica” describes the history and success of ProPublica, an investigative newsroom launched in 2007 with support of the Sandler Foundation.
  • A 2011 book, “Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results”, by Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman, includes background information about the Sandler Foundation’s role in creating ProPublica. The Bridgespan Group’s Give Smart initiative and website also includes a Case Study on ProPublica.
  • An article by Steven Teles and Mark Schmitt in the Summer 2011 edition of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, entitled “The Elusive Craft of Evaluating Advocacy”, references the Sandler Foundation’s role in evaluating advocates rather than just individual acts of advocacy.
  • A March 2008 article in the New York Times Magazine, entitled “Self-Made Philanthropists”, gives some background about the Foundation’s philosophy and approach to grantmaking.

Press Releases and Media Coverage. Press releases and related items that reference the Sandler Foundation’s work include the following:

Video Materials. The following videos provide background information about the Sandler Foundation and its approach to philanthropy:

  • Video by Executive Vice President Steve Daetz to accept the 2016 NCRP Impact Award on behalf of the Sandler Foundation (May 2016)
  • Video Tribute to Marion Sandler, produced by UCSF for the 15 Year Celebration of the Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research (May 2013)
  • Speech by Herb Sandler on the Impact of Private Philanthropy, delivered at the 15 Year Celebration of the Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research (May 2013)
  • interviews with Herb Sandler about philanthropy (November 2012)
  • Video about Herb and Marion Sandler produced by UCSF (May 2010)


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